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2017/07/23 Notice

It is "Chiharu Igaya memory corner" OPEN in the history Memorial!

Honorary townsman who won silver medal by ski men's slalom of the Cortina dampettsuo (Italy) Winter Olympics of 1956 (Showa 31). The International Olympic Committee (IO...

2017/07/22 Notice

To mountain station acai & mixture berry smoothie 7/29-8/20

We sell immediately at store of the left side through the station, entrance of Shiga Mount Takahara. Acai of native plant of \ 550-/1 unit Brazil is super food from high nutritive value...

2017/06/23 Notice

News of some periods business stop of emerald Onuma

About "rest house emerald Onuma near visiting ponds course Oonumaike," we do with business stop by circumstances of diversity during some periods from this year. Visitor,...

2017/06/11 Notice

Summer ... autumn 2017 brochure

Aspect PDF out of 2017 summer ... autumn brochure cover PDF 2017 summer ... autumn brochures...

2017/05/11 Notice

Discount! To visiting 2017 Shinshu free pass 5/12~11/27

Expressway in Nagano is free-to-ride in fixed sum! In addition, special treatment privilege is available for tourist facility or SA in Nagano! In center area, it is Higashitateyama gondola riff...

2017/05/08 Notice

Of each 2017 mountain in summer lift rate & facility is going to do business; table

It is question go waseku in one which is going to do business, and may be changed about table PDF * business days of each 2017 mountain in summer lift rate & facility in detail in each facility...

2017/05/06 Notice

To Mt. Yokote drive-in of superb view

It becomes 2F restaurant, 1F stand in spring in facility opening only in ... autumn. It is way (the photograph left looks during the closure for the winter season, and the right looks during summer business)...

2017/04/03 Notice

 super local video center area introduction

We upload video which we photographed sequentially here. Please see by all means if you have time. ...


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