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2018/08/07 Notice

3 university combination plan "okomin cafe" period-limited OPEN!

Holding place: Only in Takamagahara "restaurant, it is birch" period: Ten days content of from August 10 to August 19: Business of cafe shop which student of 3 universities plans jointly...

2018/07/13 Notice

Flower bingo is held in Higashitateyama alpine garden!

We hold bingo of search for flower in Higashitateyama alpine garden in 2,000m above sea level for from 1 to 26 on August (plan)! If make bingo; 200 degrees in mountaintop Station 2F...

2018/07/12 Notice

We open on Shiga Mount Takahara station August 1!

Part of repair work that we caused trouble is finished and finally starts summer business on Wednesday, August 1. Mountain which became new including dining room menu and stand...

2018/07/11 Notice

We are planned in particular in the summer by rest! Mt. experience-based meeting in station of grilled her barium & pizza

We prepared for two experience-based meetings as special plan in the summer at Shiga Mount Takahara station on holiday during from 12 to 15 on August. Detailed contents, application method is Shiga High School (formally)...

2018/07/11 Notice

It is "kiyokuma ticket" of dream appearance! So that 300 pieces of limited sale hastens!

"There wanted to be this a ... lift once again." Ticket appearance that such a dream comes true! Lift & boat designated as plan in the summer special on holiday is 2Days jo...

2018/06/28 Notice

We came on Mt. Yokote drive-in formula Twitter

Scenery to be seen only here is provided by all of you! Please respond. It is Mt. click ⇒ Yokote drive-in formula Twitter in this...

2018/06/08 Notice

Summer ... autumn 2018 brochure (there is English Map)

2018 summer ... autumn brochure cover PDF 2018 summer ... autumn brochure map PDFEnglish Map Summer PDF...

2018/05/15 Notice

News on Maeyama summer lift regular holiday

Lift performed business (bad weather is excluded) without holiday every year during green season in all the customers Maeyama summer, but from H30 six a year nine days a month every Tuesday...

2018/04/16 Notice

2018 summer season business schedule

As for business schedule (tables such as mountain in summer lift, rate, each facility) business hours, the period, it is strange in this by weather, time in season in summer for click (PDF) ⇒ 2,018 years...

2017/12/24 Notice

It is "kinsan" "ginsan" appearance on Higashitateyama gondola lift

If ride timing is correct, have a good day; is there? As for the name "gold nokinsan causing good luck" & "silver noginsan which is in love" ...


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