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2017/04/04 Notice

From Shiga Kogen shuttle bus time revision April 4

It is until from December 3, 2016 to May 7, 2017 during ski shuttle bus (free) service period, but is careful as it becomes diamond in the summer from April 4...


2017/04/02 News from facility

 Paul barn use application

Instructions apply for visitor using Paul barn after confirmation with predetermined style about use of Paul barn. Confirmation of place...

HP top 1

2017/04/02 News from facility

2017 (2017) summer season mountain in summer lift rate & business schedule table

It is question go wasekuda in what may be changed about table PDF * business days in 2017 mountain in summer lift rate & business schedules in detail in each facility...

One-day parking lot

2017/04/02 News from facility

 for free day return parking lot MAP Ichinose, the Takamagahara outskirts (sports land  was closed down)

The panoramic parking lot approximately 50 ② tongue which is available for run access in guidance ① Ichinose diamond skiing area of free one-day parking lot around Ichinose, the Takamagahara...

Map (the small) for eye catch

2017/04/02 Winter brochure

2016-17 center area brochure

Central area brochure map side PDF center area brochure information side PDF...

Ichinose family

2017/03/23 News from facility

All 2016-17 center area lift business schedule tables (for supplier)

All 2016-17 center area lift business itinerary PDF...

Hold; birch

2017/03/23 News from facility

2016-17 center area restaurant relations business schedule table (for supplier)

As for 2016-17 restaurant relations, it is business schedule table PDF...

MAP giant ⇔ Hasuike interval

2017/02/01 News from facility

 areaway MAP Hasuike skiing area ⇔ giant skiing area

*Please be careful. It be from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00 at business service time only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for from December 28 to March 26 during rope toe business period...


2017/02/01 News from facility

About rest station, locker room, locker of each skiing area

■It is in immediate place when we enter rest house from the Ichinose diamond skiing area simple locker room, locker bus stop side and is usable in conjunction with locker...


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