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2018/02/10 Notice

About recruitment of  57th Shiga Kogen Takamagahara giant roll ski conventionalists

As we were ready for offer essential points of members 57th Shiga Kogen Takamagahara giant roll skiing meet of relationships, we will tell. ●Date April 8, 2018...

2018/02/04 Notice

About recruitment of  46th Shiga Kogen distance discipline meet (SAJ-B) participants

Thank you for participating in many people in members every year concerned. Preparations for offer essential points of Ski Association of Japan Class B official recognition 46th Shiga Kogen distance discipline meet...

2018/01/28 Notice

Soup Stand opens in Higashitateyama gondola mountaintop Station! Produce by HIGHLAND CLUv.

For memory that this taste and warmth are unforgettable. . . HIGHLAND CLUv. which is open in Bar at mountain station in Hasuike SOUP STAND...

2018/01/26 Notice

Let's put Shiga Kogen! News from the secretariat

[trip to Shiga Kogen is successful!] We are campaigning! It is targeted for person having shop of all over Japan stolen! Have put event poster on store, to SNS photograph...

2018/01/25 Notice

Shiga Mount Takahara station Café & Bar "HIGHLAND CLUv." event holding!

PDF from this → Space 1 space 2...

2018/01/01 Notice

Café & Bar "HIGHLAND CLUv." is OPEN in Shiga Mount Takahara station

At Shiga Mount Takahara station of Hasuike (old ropeway platform) until from December 31 to March 31 for a limited time; is "Hiland Club" opening! We light in ruins of ropeway...

2017/12/25 Notice

Let's tell your wish to tama God! Higashitateyama & Terakoya

Is it gold notama God, silver notama God appearance in Higashitateyama and Terakoya? We take good care (it is one of the stamp rally event plans, but establishes permanently) for approximately 40 years...

2017/12/25 Notice

It is held this year! Original stamp rally 1/13 - 4/1

What is pilgrimage series? ? ? ? ? Is it revelation in stage 2? Central area original stump rally "tamachanno size adventure! It is January 1 in tama God pilgrimage series...

2017/12/24 Notice

We support slight change of mind after having enjoyed! (the Ichinose diamond ski hall)

Road side 1FHAPPY EXPRESS (happy express) in Ichinose diamond skiing area restaurant diamond from December 29 opu...

2017/12/16 Notice

About schedules such as a lot of 2018 skiing meets

When various authorized skiing meets are held in center area during season, it is regulated the course closure and course width in held skiing area. Your understanding...


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