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2017/04/15 Notice

Until spring ski from April 15 to May 7 is going to do business; table (center area)

We click this → List of 2016-17 spring ski business schedules (we include restaurant) * ski shuttle bus (free) service period December, 2016...

2017/04/03 Notice

News of suspension of business with the winter season business end

We are pleased in all the visitors dear all of you more and more when it is success. We have particular kind consideration and are always very grateful....

Yokota successful applicant (8)

2017/04/03 Notice

It is finally National highway No. 292 derestriction! And Mt. Yokote drive-in is open, too!

We were opened safely on April 21! (it may be closed to traffic by sudden change of weather at one time. Specifically, in traffic regulation of around Gunma HP Mount Kusatsu-Shirane National highway No. 292...


2017/04/03 Notice

After all spring is early-morning slope of Golden wake!

We run in early-morning firmly tight barn comfortably! Is it attention in speed? 2016-17 early-morning (Sunrise) business lift table ■Early-morning business hours...

Spring ski caption

2017/04/03 Notice

We do business until May 7! Snow is full this season!

Outside temperature can enjoy the last to one's heart's content relatively highly in spring for the skiing season, too! Friend, family and bocci are welcome to Shiga Kogen which is of high altitudes, and is blessed with nature of the snow, too! By all means...

2017/04/02 Notice

 56th Shiga Kogen Takamagahara giant roll skiing meet result

The 56th Takamagahara GS meeting essential point start list ALL <result> elementary school of old China girl 1.2 years group elementary school of old China girl...

2017/03/26 Event

 45th Shiga Kogen distance discipline meet result

 General boy 10km result public girl 5km result junior high student boy 5km result prime of life boy 5km result...


2017/02/01 Event

Photo exhibition is holding "scenery of Shiga Kogen" at mountain station (^^♪

We hold photo exhibition by photographer Yokota successful applicant loving local Shiga Kogen. Plain Shiga Kogen where it is magnificent, and some heart warms. Anyone had * in free of charge...


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