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Skiing meet

2017/02/06 Event

About  56th Shiga Kogen Takamagahara giant roll ski conventionalist application

As we were ready for offer essential points of members 56th Shiga Kogen Takamagahara giant roll skiing meet of relationships, we will tell. It is entry in anyone...

Skiing meet

2017/02/01 Event

About  45th Shiga Kogen distance discipline meet (SAJ-B) participation application

We appreciate your participating in members every year, many people concerned. Such as offer essential points of Ski Association of Japan Class B official recognition 45th Shiga Kogen distance discipline meet...


2017/02/01 Notice

 request: Period of course closure from February to March by skiing meet

When various authorized skiing meet is held in center area during season, it is regulated the course closure and course width in held skiing area. Understanding of all of you,...


2017/02/01 Event

We plan SNOW game of  gondola renewal memory in the held ❕1/14 - end of February

Continue being loved by all of you; and 40 years. Higashitateyama gondola lift, also known as "tama gondola" becomes character at last and appears! Clear game, and is all; 8...


2017/02/01 Event

Now being held that "night game of Ichinose family" is interesting this year!

Night game of Ichinose family skiing area open every day this year "participate together! Let's display slope gorgeously; is LE luminescent for o password for one of safety measures...


2017/02/01 Event

Photo exhibition is holding "scenery of Shiga Kogen" at mountain station (^^♪

We hold photo exhibition by photographer Yokota successful applicant loving local Shiga Kogen. Plain Shiga Kogen where it is magnificent, and some heart warms. Anyone had * in free of charge...


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