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2016/12/21 Notice

Request: Period of course closure from January to March by skiing meet

When various authorized skiing meet is held in center area during season, it is regulated the course closure and course width in held skiing area. Understanding of all of you,...

2016/12/17 Notice

Video color color center area

We upload video which we photographed sequentially here. Please see by all means if you have time....

Foreign currency exchange 3

2016/12/17 Notice

We come by foreign currency exchange. We handle with Ichinose diamond ski hall "Snow CAN"

We installed foreign currency changemaker with rental store "Snow CAN" in Ichinose diamond skiing area. For exchange time from 10:00 to 16:00 one;...

2016-17 park & ride timetable

2016/12/08 Notice

It is Shiga Kogen Yudanaka ⇔ Shiga Kogen roundtrip bus ticket with park & ride

■Visitor coming by train is available from Yudanaka Station (Nagano Electric Railway) and is convenient. ■Visitor who comes by car "Snow monkey park" (Shiga Kogen romance...


2016/12/08 Notice

Is the use in discount in ETC Highway; to Shiga Kogen!

It is good news for person having ETC card. "It is pass 2 price plan that expressway is advantageous in "gong pura" site of NEXCO East Japan administration for Sekigoe, Jyoshinetsu winter...


2016/12/03 Notice

Higashitateyama gondola lift which renewed video and photograph

And. . . Conventional egg-shaped gondola is refreshed, too! After all is it new? No, old model is small, too and is pretty. jo...


2016/12/03 Event

We hold SNOW game of gondola renewal memory! 1/14 - 2/24

Continue being loved by all of you; and 40 years. Higashitateyama gondola lift, also known as "tama gondola" becomes character at last and appears! Clear game, and is all; 8...


2016/12/03 Event

It is planned this year from the middle of January when "night game of Ichinose family" is interesting

Night game of Ichinose family skiing area open every day this year "participate together! Let's display slope gorgeously; is LE luminescent for o password for one of safety measures...


2016/12/03 Event

Photo exhibition is holding "scenery of Shiga Kogen" at mountain station (^^♪

We hold photo exhibition by photographer Yokota successful applicant loving local Shiga Kogen. Plain Shiga Kogen where it is magnificent, and some heart warms. Anyone had * in free of charge...


2016/12/03 News from facility

Paul barn use application

Instructions apply for visitor using Paul barn after confirmation with predetermined style about use of Paul barn. Confirmation of place...

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