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Guidance of  Paul barn application

<to customer of Paul barn application>

Paul barn reception desk window has four places in total according to area. After checking contents of application, apply with predetermined style to applicable reception desk facility window. (we accept every year from October 1 and start)

―Other message―

As there is not barn for exclusive use of Paul at place with course new establishment conventionally about Sun Valley, we do with place and consultation of the right or wrong after having accepted FAX. ②Please confirm giant, west hall (the lower part), one of Terakoya hope in the next table before application → The point of Paul reservation table 2018.09 moon

We gather and, after the application reception desk, contact all of you in about the middle of November.

I'm very sorry, but understanding, please cooperate.

―Confirmation (map) of Paul barn place―

①Gone Fechter 1 ② gone Fechter 2 ③ family third wide ④ Yamanokami ⑤ diamond ⑥ diamond ⑦ Takamagahara NHK1 ⑧ Takamagahara NHK2

⑨Terakoya 1 ⑩ Terakoya center (only on weekdays) ⑪ Nishitateyama 1 ⑫ Nishitateyama 2 ⑬ Nishitateyama 3 (only on weekdays) ⑭ Bunadaira

⑮Giant 1 (the upper part) ⑯ giant 2 (the lower part) ⑰ Maruike (there is no map mention in Sun Valley of ⑱ for consultation required)

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