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About rest station, locker room, locker of each skiing area

■Ichinose diamond skiing area simple locker room, locker
It is in immediate place when we enter rest house from the bus stop side and is convenient as it is usable in conjunction with locker.
It is convenience in what it is in in convenient complex facility including restaurant, stand, bus stop.
> Ichinose diamond skiing area


■Takamagahara mammoth skiing area rest station, locker room, locker
Free rest station is on basement of building with restaurant.
> Takamagahara mammoth skiing area


■Ichinose family skiing area rest station, locker
It is in free rest station.
> Ichinose family skiing area


■Gondola lift foot of a mountain station building locker (Higashitateyama skiing area)
It is the neighbor of vending machine in entrance of gondola lift foot of a mountain station building. There is not locker room, but there is restroom near.
> Higashitateyama skiing area


■Hasuike skiing area Hasuike swing (free rest station)
It should have been free rest station from this season. We install side, udon corner and vending machine, stand. Please use.
Note: Side, udon corner should be no fixed holiday.
> Hasuike skiing area


■Sun Valley skiing area locker room, locker
Locker is installed in corner of building with clock. Box is added to simple attendant court lady rest room, too.
> Sun Valley skiing area

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