The highlight of Shiga Kogen

Terakoya skiing area

Outstanding powdery snow which does not know that snow hardens! Terakoya skiing area

The skiing area that can be slippery while feeling the panorama of the superb view to be.
Because altitude is the second highest in Shiga Kogen, nature of the snow is powder snow outstanding in Shiga Kogen.

Rest house Terakoya

Popular restaurant which is located in the lower slope. We take a break slowly on terrace on day when it was fine♪

Slope (Terakoya)

Outstanding powdery snow which does not know that it is the second most of high altitudes in Shiga Kogen, and snow hardens. In nature of the snow milder than anywhere else on day of Powder to the world of Powder heaven!

Slope course introduction (Terakoya)

■Slope introduction
It is the second most of high altitudes in Shiga Kogen, and nature of the snow is the best. We can enjoy skiing in spring until consecutive holidays in May. If it is beginner whom there is puruku in course leading to course between Higashitateyama forest from Eternal course, via Bunadaira skiing area, we can enjoy long downhill of approximately 6,000m to the giant skiing area lower part. Terakoya is skiing area of Mitsuru Matsuoka favorite of SOPHIA.


Lift name Lift Altitude difference (m) Length (m) The time required Point
Terakoya kuwaddo kuwaddo 149 725 04 minutes 02 seconds 3
Terakoya first pair Pair 63 395 04 minutes 47 seconds 2

■Slope data
Best altitude ... 2043m
Minimum altitude ... 1891m
Altitude difference ... 152m


The course name Run distance (about m) Mean grade (about) Maximum grade (m) Level
Philosophy course 940 16 23 Intermediate
LIPS course 420 15 30 The beginner's class
Eternal course 820 12 20 Intermediate
Communication course 500 6 6 The beginner's class

■Course distribution
Upper ... 30%
Intermediate ... 40%
Beginner's class ... 30%

■Experience-based video

■Terakoya skiing area pdf
・Slope map (we can spread and display even PDF smart phone)

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