The highlight of Shiga Kogen

Higashitateyama heavens course (we do business only in the summer)

We make around a round trip of Higashitateyama! It is popular course.

It is tour course that bundled pick-up bus between lift in Shiga Mount Takahara station (Hasuike) ⇔ Higashitateyama gondola lift ⇔ Takamagahara summer. You can enjoy alpine gardens spreading out near view from 2,000m above sea level and the Higashitateyama mountaintop.
View from observation deck more than 2,000m above sea level and treasure house of alpine garden, Higashitateyama area. From observation deck, we can expect splendid view including Mt. Nagano-shi area, Northern Alps, north sincerity five.

[business plan] The early August and late August
[business hours] From 9:00 to 16:00
[rate] [adult] 1,800 yen [dwarf] 900 yen

Three places of departure and arrival places of Higashitateyama heavens course!

From place to like as there is free shuttle bus departure and arrival place to three places of station (Hasuike), Hoppo Onsen (Higashitateyama gondola lift), Takamagahara (Takamagahara summer lift) of Shiga Mount Takahara ride can get off. In addition, heavens course ticketing window becomes sale of only with two places of Higashitateyama gondola lift, Takamagahara summer lift. Tell driver about the heavens course use by word of mouth on ride from Shiga Mount Takahara station.

Platform map of Higashitateyama gondola lift ▶

Higashitateyama gondola lift (capacity: four)

It is the time required of approximately seven minutes from foot of Hoppo Onsen Station to mountaintop Station. We climb to 2030m from 1,600m above sea level at a stretch.

[business of Higashitateyama gondola lift]
The business period early June and mid-October (in heavens course only as for the early August and late August)
Business hours from 9:00 to 16:00
Rate adult: One-way 1,200 yen, round-trip 1,800 yen / dwarf: One-way 600 yen, round-trip 900 yen
Attached facility rest room / alpine garden / mountaintop observation deck
Reference TEL: 0269-34-2231


Heavens course bus timetable

Higashitateyama alpine garden (admission for free)

We access Higashitateyama alpine garden in Higashitateyama gondola lift or Takamagahara summer lift. Approximately 500 kinds of alpine plants are in full glory every season; location where is the best for camera lover.

Takamagahara summer lift (capacity: two up four / descents)

When we go down the alpine garden from Higashitateyama mountaintop Station and go to the Takamagahara skiing area area, we see lift platform. On lift, please enjoy the powerful charm of skywalk to go over flowers at time of flowering of view and plant opening in front.

Business of Takamagahara summer lift
The business period early August and late August (when it travels at the time of group reservation, there is other moon)
Business hours 8:50 - 16 10/8 at 30 - 16:30 (busy season):
Rate adult: One-way 600 yen, round-trip 850 yen
Dwarf: One-way 300 yen, round-trip 450 yen
Attached facility rest room / botanical garden
Reference TEL: 0269-34-2301

We take a walk on field of flowers and promenade of Takamagahara

Day lily or willow herb grow in colonies in summer. Do you not take a walk in field of flowers? In full bloom of willow herb is the late July and late August. In addition, yotsubahiyodori (flower) and Asagi cod (butterfly) are seen, too. Gentian reaches in full bloom in autumn.

Takamagahara contact open space (fish holder and others)

Turn of little child! It is fish otsukamidori in pond! Child whom we are hard for to deal with OK's even clutches! We grill fish which we caught on the spot, and let's eat together!

[business period]
 The early August and late August (primary schoolchild summer vacation period)
[business hours]
From 9:30 to 16:00
tsukamidori one 500 yen

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