The highlight of Shiga Kogen

Maruike skiing area

Kids' park and night game are Maruike skiing areas of enhancement, too

Go to Hasuike skiing area when we go up in doorway of Shiga Kogen, central slope "Maruike skiing area" of Maruike, Hasuike, Sun Valley area Maruike first lift to the mountaintop and can go in Maruike second lift to Sun Valley skiing area. It is got close to wide layer in spite of being compact constitution generally.

Slope course introduction (Maruike)

 You can enjoy nationwide toward skier & border of every level from famous hardware barn A course to kids' park which small child of slope debut can enjoy.

Slope (Maruike)

■Slope course introduction
Difficulty moguls barn that lump slope of A course represents Shiga Kogen. Lumps which become length of person form a line on slope of 32 degrees in top season.
There is Maruike kids park in the lower slope.


Lift name Lift Altitude difference (m) Length (m) The time required Point
Maruike first triple Triple 110 271 02 minutes 31 seconds 2
Maruike second pair Pair 30 132 01 minutes 20 seconds 2

■Slope data
Best altitude ... 1567m
Minimum altitude ... 1457m
Altitude difference ... 110m


The course name Run distance (about m) Mean grade (°) The biggest grade (°) Level
Maruike A course 260 27 32 The upper grade
Maruike B course 450 24 28 Intermediate
Maruike C course 800 16 18 The beginner's class
Maruike second slope 200 18 25 The beginner's class

■Course distribution
Upper ... 10%
Intermediate ... 40%
Beginner's class ... 50%

■Experience-based video


Maruike kids park & kids school (Maruike skiing area)

The full-time staff is given lessons in to experienced person ski by the first child. Ski in particular has a good reputation for lesson of the first child and is quite popular when we can improve happily.

The details about kids' school to Ishikawa Pross KEITH COEUR

■ Kids' park business guidance (2018-19 plan)

Business period

Business consecutive in 12/23-1/3, 3/23-4/1

We do business between 1/4-3/22 only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (2/24, 3/21 are closed)

Free opening that there is no playground equipment operation in on weekdays.

Business hours From 10:00 to 15:30
Admission In pay, child, adults are 500 yen per person

Night game (Maruike)


It is irregular during business period

Business hours ... from 19:00 to 21:00
Rate ... adult 1,600 yen, 800 yen for children

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