The highlight of Shiga Kogen

Visiting ponds course and Maeyama, Shibuike

Popularity course to go by way of Oonumaike from inkstone river

It is trekking course that image of "plateau, Shiga Kogen of forest and wetlands" represents Shiga Kogen around forest and wetlands of virgin forest of good sub-Takayama conifer. Near the splendid Maeyama summit of view, it is a lot of highlight including Oonumaike shining in 48 ponds, emerald green that Maeyama moor, Shibuike with floating island, pretty flower of damp plant bloom in profusion.
As divergence course for good walkers, we can choose course around Mt. Shiga, back Shiga mountain. Case having a lot of time can extend a trip from Shinshu Univ. nature education garden to natural sight-seeing course through Shimizu new road from Oonumaike entrance.
About rest house emerald Onuma, we do with business for a limited time by circumstances of diversity. Please understand. (in addition, we may do OPEN by group-like correspondence)

Visiting ponds course trip

Visiting ponds course altitude difference

Inkstone river bus stop 1,695m
  The Maeyama mountaintop 1,810m
  Shibuike 1,810m
  Mt. Shiga 2,036m
  Mt. back Shiga 2,040m
③④ 48 ponds 1,880m
  Oonumaike 1,730m
Oonumaike entrance 1,570m

Visiting ponds course map

We start in lift in the upper section, summer of inkstone river bus stop

There is platform of Maeyama lift on one step of inkstone river (Hotaru Onsen) bus stop.
It is start toward approximately three hours 30 minutes, the saa Maeyama mountaintop in 10.3km in total length, altitude difference 200m, the time required.

■Business of Maeyama summer lift

Business period 6 beginning - 10 end (there is on regular holiday)
Business hours From 8:45 to 16:10
From 8:30 to 16:30 (busy season)
Rate Adult: One-way 400 yen, round-trip 600 yen
Dwarf: One-way 200 yen, round-trip 300 yen
Attached facility Vending machine / parking lot / rest room
Reference TEL & FAX: 0269-34-2108

*As for the group-like reservation, I would like reservation by one week.

*You see HP (to association of Shiga Kogen cableway HP) of association of Shiga Kogen cableway about service on the day, or please call to lift office in Maeyama summer.


The Maeyama mountaintop and Maeyama moor (1,810m)

Terminal of Maeyama lift is the mountaintop of Maeyama. From the Maeyama mountaintop, we see hotel group of Kuma-no-Yu inkstone Kawachi ward under eyes. In addition, we can expect bowl mountain (2,041m/ straight line about 1.5k) with crater lake from the mountaintop in Yokote mountain (2,305m/ mountaintop distance in a straight line about 3k), the very front (the east-northeast) second most of high altitudes in Shiga Kogen in Kasagatake (2,075m/ straight line about 2k) of the top that shows direction of west-southwest unusual form and southeast direction.
Maeyama moor opens on both sides of the sidewalk spreading out from the Maeyama mountaintop to Shibuike. Various alpine plants are seen in moor including plant peculiar to moor, sundew cotton grass.

Shibuike (1,800m) with floating island

Floating island is in Shibuike. A lot of sundews grow around floating island shop. In the outskirts, it is said to be trace of glacial epoch when rare creeping pine is seen at this altitude of 1800m.
Photograph, heap of ponds over there are Mt. Yokote.

Of popularity as mini-pond circulation course where prospects and walk course at the Maeyama mountaintop to neighboring moors and Shibuike used lift in summer.

Course via Mt. Mt. Shiga (2,035m), back Shiga (2,040m)

There is divergence of course going by way of course leaving for 48 ponds directly and Shiga mountain, back Shiga mountain. When possible, course by way of Mt. both Shiga is recommended, too. This route can see Koike, Kurohime Pond of pond, Shiga of sumo wrestling hall of crater Pond, ogre, cause pond gao. In addition, we can see 48 ponds like miniature garden, and there is View Point that can look at Oonumaike under eyes.

48 ponds (1,890m)

Forest opens out suddenly, and high-rise moor appears in front. It is dotted with pond embankments like terraced fields, and tree way is established in the meantime and can look at notakusanno moor plant.
There is arbor with bench and we join route going over Shiga mountain mountain climbing route when we go to the edge of damp ground north side through tree way in damp area and, around turning point of the south side of 48 ponds with starting point to bowl mountainous district surface, enter route leaving for the Oonumaike area at here.

Oonumaike (1,730m)

Of volcano dam up; lake biggest in lake in neighborhood 5.5km Shiga Kogen. Fish do not inhabit for strong acidity lake, but are large snake living in Oonumaike and mysterious beautiful lake with story of tragic love of Kurohime. You can see various expressions by position and angle to see.

There is Onuma rest house around Oonumaike and is available at the time of opening as free rest station. (we are careful and do not provide meals)
Is surrounded by comfortable wind and light, and a time relaxing in Nature.


Shimizukoen (Oonumaike entrance /1, 560m) - Shimizu new road

From many places of spring because there is, the place name called Shimizu is attached. If it has time to spare, it gives a though to take a short break at place (Shimizukoen) that can drink spring. Here was terminal of visiting ponds course, but we appear at Hasuike bus stop now using Shimizu new road going in forest or can extend a trip to Shinshu University nature education garden before.

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