The highlight of Shiga Kogen

Ichinose Family skiing area

Turnout and all-around family skiing area

There is slope constitution with steep slope, lump, gentle slope, park, long course, and various shutsueshon is prepared from beginner to expert and can be satisfied with wide skier.


<event information> Business is limited to night games! Luminescent LED Bundren Tal

For memory that is wonderful in night night game! We rent luminescent LED band for password in "let's display participation, slope gorgeously together". We rent at night game box office. It costs guarantee charges 500 yen first. We refund at the time of return. Service lift: Ichinose second pair B line period: Late December and the end of March plan

Please be careful on night game business day. We become irregular sales people.

Slope course introduction (family)

Skiing area that spreads out near the Higashitateyama mountaintop. It goes to Terakoya skiing area in the other side at the mountaintop. It keeps course to upper - beginner's class, and night game is OK, too. Lively skiing area that there is hotel town in the outskirts, and is all-around.

Slope (family)

■Slope course introduction
Center slope is extensive, and the beginner's class be suitable for slippery master. It is convenience that get on lift to middle neighborhood as the upper center slope is steep slope. To beginner who went up to the mountaintop, Tengu course who greatly detours is established.
Soft-headed feh Kuta course is considerably tough, is often used for lace, but enter class of tough course as race track.


Lift name Lift Altitude difference (m) Length (m) The time required Point
Ichinose kuwaddo kuwaddo 312 1053 04 minutes 23 seconds 5
Ichinose second pair A line (note) Pair lift 66 374 03 minutes 28 seconds 2
Ichinose second pair B line Pair lift 131 594 04 minutes 05 seconds 2
Ichinose third kuwaddo (note) kuwaddo 315 1014 04 minutes 34 seconds 5

(note) * Ichinose third kuwaddo is fixed closing day on Tuesday. *Ichinose second pair A line, Ichinose third kuwaddo quite become the end in season in the end of March or end.

■Slope data
Best altitude ... 1946m
Minimum altitude ... 1623m
Altitude difference ... 323m


The course name Run distance (about m) Mean grade (°) The biggest grade (°) Level
Ichinose family front slope 1000 15 26 The beginner's class
Tengu course 3200 10 13 The beginner's class
Panoramic course 2300 16 18 Intermediate
Soft-headed Fechter course 1500 26 30 The upper grade

■Course distribution
Upper ... 15%
Intermediate ... 40%
Beginner's class ... 45%

■Experience-based video

■Ichinose family skiing area .pdf
・We can spread and display even slope map PDF smart phone)

Night game business (Ichinose family skiing area)

We become irregular sales people.

Schedule 2017-18 night game business schedule
Business hours ... from 18:30 to 21:00
Night game rate ... 2,100 yen, child 1,000 yen (common with diamond skiing area)

Service lift: Ichinose second pair B line

Other facilities

In plot of free rest station side corner and stand corner (regular holiday: every Thursday in fixed closing day and not being set)
Under Ichinose third kuwaddorifuto platform, there is free rest station.
There are side corner lockers.

Locker, rest room (family skiing area)

Under Ichinose third kuwaddorifuto platform, there is in free rest station.

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