The highlight of Shiga Kogen

Ichinose rabbit activity & kids park

It is slope for exclusive use of people established in Ichinose diamond skiing area and sectioned kids. Of diamond slope is central, and rest station, restaurant is near, too.
We deal with rental of NEW sports "Snow drive" in reception desk contact.

As it is in diamond slope, we are reliable!

While protectors slip on diamond slope being central near, you can enjoy in everybodies. Rest station, restaurant is near and is reliable.

Business guidance

Business period from the end of December to the end of March (there is no regular holiday)
Business hours: From 10:00 to 15:30 (snowfall when we are late opening time when there is many, there is)
★Admission one 500 yen
★Rental sled charges 500 yen
・Free to do in time limit, and to use rental sled (there is popular strike rider)
■Visitor of accommodation has use of discount by the Ichinose inn association support in Ichinose district.
Specifically, please refer to each hotel inn.

NEW sports Snow drive

Item which can run on slope with boots or boots (except ski boots) for snow casually. It is recommended for you who do not like ski board, and want to run on slope like sled with all one's might! It is popular item year by year.
■Rental fee half day 2,000 yen 3,500 yen a day
■We can run, and the slope Ichinose diamond skiing area entire surface is OK
■We can prove social position on rental, and (driver's license, health insurance card) is necessary.
■The lift ticket purchase is necessary on lift ride. In addition, lift which we can take becomes only diamond ski-lift.

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