The highlight of Shiga Kogen

Higashitateyama skiing area (reopened in gondola lift this winter!)

Location where is perfect in the neighborhood of mountaintop! Higashitateyama skiing area

Course where Higashitateyama advanced course is used for bikkuna meetings such as the Olympics or World Cup and says distance, lenience and severity, and Balance is good.
Course between forest continues for a long time so that gentle slope passes in forest, and fairy-tale beginner's class course, family and couple whom rabbit and fox and gangs whom there is not elsewhere to meet with were sometimes different in can slide into advanced course from recommendation, the middle, and, also, they can enjoy even senior very much as they can join at the lower part.

We are loved by all of you and, for 40 years, are reopened at last!

We add new passenger car to gondola got close to by nickname of "tama gondola" and renew with old and new mixture type! It is colored special order of 3 patterns and coordinates interior KOLOR of tama gondola (Japan's first) ♪ Gondola which is kind to all is born! We finished on gondola which it became pleasant for to get on again and again.

Slope course introduction (east hall)

■Slope course introduction
Location that we can look at from the mountaintop to the far-off Northern Alps. Olympics course to start from the mountaintop is giant roll course of the Nagano Olympics. Similarly course between quiet forest passing to 4km from the mountaintop can enjoy long shot course of up to 6km if we just run to the lower part of Bunadaira.


Lift name Lift Altitude difference (m) Length (m) The time required Point
Higashitateyama gondola Gondola 442 1384 05 minutes 45 seconds 6 large small 4

■Slope data
A maximum of ...2008m above sea level
At least ...1566m above sea level
Altitude difference ...442m


The course name Run distance (about m) Mean grade (about) The biggest grade (°) Level
Higashitateyama Olympics course 1600 20 36 Intermediate
Course between east Tatebayashi 3500 10 12 The beginner's class

■Course distribution
...30% of upper grades
...30% of intermediate
...40% of beginner's classes

■Experience-based video

■ Higashitateyama skiing area .pdf
・Slope map (we can spread and display even PDF smart phone)

Only in 200 degrees cafe (Higashitateyama prospects restaurant) * winter season

From observation deck attached to 2,000m above sea level restaurant, we can overlook Northern Alps mountain range, Yoshimitsu Teradaira.

Winter Olympics memory monument

We were used in the Nagano Winter Olympics held in 1998 as course of giant slalom between to the upper Bunadaira from the Higashitateyama mountaintop.
Commemorative monument is built near the mountaintop.

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