The highlight of Shiga Kogen

Hasuike skiing area

Hasuike skiing area where is popular among beginner and families

Skiing area for beginners located in Maruike skiing area, Sun Valley skiing area and place that it can travel smoothly at location among white birch forest. It is skiing area that can come and go with giant skiing area.

*We repaired course to come and go with the rope toe abolition. In Hasuike ⇔ giant interval, we can come and go as before. Thank you in advance.

Slope course introduction (Hasuike)

■Slope course introduction
Skiing area of danshamen opening in white birch forest. It is slope that is most suitable for beginner and family.


Lift name Lift Altitude difference (m) Length (m) The time required Point
Hasuike triple Triple 69 422 01 minutes 45 seconds 2

■Slope data
Best altitude ... 1550m
Minimum altitude ... 1481m
Altitude difference ... 69m


The course name Run distance (about m) Mean grade (°) The biggest grade (°) Level
Hasuike A course 600 10 15 The beginner's class
Hasuike B course 700 11 16 Intermediate
Hasuike Jr. course 500 15 18 The beginner's class

■Course distribution
Upper ... 0%
Intermediate ... 30%
Beginner's class ... 70%

■Experience-based video


Hasuike swing (free rest station)

Free rest station in the lift platform very front. There is vending machine, too. Have break a little in breath. There is restroom.
Powder room is attached to woman section. It is available as simple locker room.

Connecting walkway (lower slope side) to giant skiing area

Entrance of areaway leading to giant in neighborhood of free rest station swing. We can access by + run on foot from here. (another way is accessible from the middle of Hasuike Jr. course)

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