The highlight of Shiga Kogen

Shiga Mount Takahara station (whole year business)

Doorway of Shiga Kogen!

At first it has been got close here as the pivot of sightseeing in Shiga Kogen from the dawn of Shiga Kogen for the revival period of the 30, Showa generation in Japan when we visited Shiga Kogen. As base of sightseeing, "dining room 1959 of mountain", please use restaurant as break places. In addition, it is available for meeting, event of middle scale. Equipped with free large parking lot and free Wi-Fi!                      ・Business hours: From 9:00 to 16:30 (there is change by season)                                    ・Business period: We are going to construct a part in hall after age April for *2018 for from the end of May to the beginning of November in the summer and become (undecided) and may cause trouble. Winter season from the beginning of December to April 1

Regular holiday: No fixed holiday inquiry & reservation: 0269-34-2621

We display doorway & former Shiga Kogen ropeway of Shiga Kogen!

The shop leaves atmosphere of Showa, and it is souvenir in compound facility including rental store break, restaurant "dining room 1959 of mountain". Ropeway gondola in that time is displayed now in facility at starting former Shiga Kogen ropeway station which became abolished line.

Rental store & souvenir

Various articles including wear Paul are rented in summer by shoes of trekking article. Even if high-quality ski boards of commercial model come all empty-handed in winter, you can use as prepared shop. In addition, it is convenient as we use souvenir corner and mini-convenience store together. We do business from May 27, 2017!

Large middle conference room

There is conference room (hall) that is available for meeting to approximately 150 people in 3F and is available in meeting, exhibition. In addition, middle meeting room which is available for meeting to 60 people can use 2F separately from the coliseum mentioned above.


Meal meeting place for exclusive use of 2F group

Simultaneous dinner meeting to 250 people is possible by reservation. In addition, we prepare for some exclusive meal places.

In late years you use as lunch meeting place of school camping trip and ski classroom in the summer, the winter season.

Large parking lot & restroom

We are fully equipped with free large parking lot, and coming by group bus can use person coming by car in peace.

There is restroom in hall in 1F under the ground. Small 8 for man, 11 for 6 great women prepare.

Around mountain station is popular spot dotted with ponds.

There is "one marsh" "Hasuike" "Maruike" "biwa pond" around mountain station, and many people visit and photograph scenery photograph and flower photograph.

State of winter mountain station

We introduce Mt. sightseeing in Shiga Kogen PR characters okominga station.

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