Shiga Kogen Q&A

About trekking

What do clothes and shoes have good?

It is necessary to take ultraviolet rays measures and cold measures into account. We think that there should be spats not to expose skin to light. We recommend mountain climbing shoes whether shoes are for trekking. It is prevented injury. And it is important to get used to wearing above all.

What should rain measures do?

Please bring by all means. It is the best if possible if there is breathability in nylon system.

Are rental articles such as rucksack or stick available?

There may be place prepared for at each hotel, but please prepare beforehand as there are not rental stores.

How much thing is necessary for heavy winter clothing-proof?

We stop by in season, but think that something like thin down or fleece is good.

About ski & snowboarding

Where is the ticketing place of lift ticket?

Ticketing place of lift ticket can usually purchase lift ticket at Sun Valley, Maruike, Hasuike, giant, Bunadaira, Takamagahara, forest of Ichinose tanne, Ichinose family, each skiing area of Ichinose diamond and Higashitateyama gondola, each lift platform of west hall first fudi in time until about 16:00 from lift startup. About Hasuike, Bunadaira, three places of west hall first fudirifuto platform, we may not issue temporarily for approximately 30 minutes among days. As you consider not to affect trip of customer, please order person in charge of lift of neighborhood on this occasion. As we can use shuttle bus without lift ticket, there is method to purchase in skiing area run on after the bus ride. Return of lift ticket (key card) is possible in road station of Yamanouchi-machi, Seven-Eleven Sano shop (the traffic lane other side of Yamanouchi-machi road station) and Obuse highway oasis other than the lift ticket ticketing place mentioned above and inn, hotel of Yamauchi of Shiga Kogen.   *There is not hurried need about return of lift ticket (key card). We realize in the next season unless we are damaged.

When is period when ski & snowboarding is possible?

In Shiga Kogen, skiing area difference festival is performed on first Saturday of December in average year, and it is in in season. The business end is only place of high altitudes, but is until the last day of Golden Week.

Where can we buy advance sale lift ticket? In addition, what kind of kind is there?

You perform advance sale, but please use even some events as you sell at convenience store. Ticket class includes area ticket, other entire temple ticket.

Are rental articles such as ski, snowboarding, sled available?

Yes, one except hotel guest is available in each hotel, inn, too. In addition, there is rental store which had the latest item in Ichinose diamond restaurant and the station and Takamagahara mammoths of Shiga Mount Takahara of Hasuike in our area. There is rental of sled, too, but becomes impossible of run other than the kids' park.

Is there school of ski & snowboarding?

As it is a lot, apply for Shiga Kogen ski school, Pross key school after inquiry directly beforehand.

About neighboring facilities and parking lots

Is there parking lot?

There is parking lot for approximately 1,600, and even product for one-day customers becomes all free. As there is place for exclusive use of hotel guest partly, please confirm.

Is there nursery?

It is in building of Takamagahara mammoth skiing area restaurant. We would like reservation inquiry to hotel of Takamagahara district.

Is hospital near?

There is medical office in Ichinose and giant, but Shiga Kogen Yamauchi does not have hospital.

Is hot spring near?

It is available in many hotels, inns of Yamauchi. There is place where one-day customer can take a bath.

Other common questions

Is there ATM?

There is ATM at post office of Hasuike.

Is credit card usable?

It is available on the lift ticket purchase. (but there is place not to be available partly.)

Are you doing recruitment of staff?

I'm sorry, but we are not doing direct offer.

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