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Mt. Yokote drive-in & prospects restaurant (only as for the summer)

Mt. Yokote drive-in that can enjoy view from 2,100m above sea level

Drive-in in approximately 2,100m above sea level along Route 292 Japan's most of high altitudes.
Scenery to show from window of fine-view restaurant (building 2F) is right superb view. Have break, meal slowly. Building 1F is fully equipped with souvenir, vending machine, restroom. In addition, we can go to the Yokote mountain range top of 2,305m above sea level when we change lift in "sukaireta" and summer of travolator which is near the building.
[business period] The late April and early November
[regular holiday] No fixed holiday, 5/9 - 5/13 is closed
[business hours] From 9:00 to 16:00 (as for 10/6, 7 until 18:00)
[parking lot] Parking lot is crowded very much, and about lunch time of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and tray season may become full. Please understand beforehand.
・In after opening and the beginning of November, we have regulation such as sudden suspension of traffic in April for the snow.
・Information of Kusatsu Shiga Heights route traffic regulation north sincerity construction office road information or Kusatsu Onsen portal site vehicle information (link in ← click)

Fine-view restaurant menu (there is Teuchi soba)

A lot of such as ground bamboo set meal (state of bamboo shoot crop) and original set meal, curry, noodles in a limited quantity in splendid restaurant (building 2F) of view prepare for Kasagatake (2,075m above sea level) in front and look forward to your coming. Seasonally limited menu comes up!
(mention menu, price may be changed)

Noon from Mt. Yokote drive-in → At night → taimurapusu in the day

PV (Mt. Yokote lift offer) of the whole Mt. Yokote

☆We provide soba which performed closing a bargain at high place of *nichihonichihyoko (limited number of for one day) ☆*

We saw buckwheat in "mountains of similar row store station" and perform making soba in our restaurant of 2,100m above sea level. For popular item, forgive on sellout.


Noted product "bear bamboo grass software"

Unique taste slightly Matcha-flavored with fragrance of bear bamboo grass. We are loved by the manufacturing method not to change from old days by all of you. One 400 yen - (there are three kinds of bear bamboo grass, mixture milk)

Souvenir and others

Sightseeing in Shiga Kogen PR characters "okomin" goods are enriched, too!

There is restroom in hall in 1F. We prepare small 5 for man, 6 for 3 great women.

Around Mt. Yokote scenery photograph

Let alone scenery to see from drive-in, there are many photospots in the outskirts.

Mt. Yokote drive-in formula Twitter

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