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Dining room "1959" of mountain (whole year business)

Traditional taste and Koshihikari of Kijimadaira-mura are popular

It is cafe dokorodesu good meal of the prospects that it is in Shiga Mount Takahara station, and Higashitateyama, Nishitateyama can expect.
Dining room "1959" of mountain boasting traditional taste using local ingredients
Please enjoy menu of local production for local consumption casually.

Business hours: From 9:00 to 16:30 (there is change by season)

Business period: Summer from the beginning of May to October 30 / winter season from December 1 to May 7

Inquiry & reservation: 0269-34-2621

Dining room menu <ground bamboo set meal>

■Ground bamboo set meal 1,150- yen (we may change menu contents of by * season for a limited time)

Cooking is introduced by ground bamboo crop

Dining room menu <side / udon / apple juice of jisanike*>

■Kakiage soba (udon) 700 yen -
■Teuchi soba 1,000-. yen hand-kneaded sky zaru-soba 1,500- yen (each it becomes in a limited quantity)
■100% of products in the town block straight apple juice (small beer mug) 400 yen -

Use of dining room menu <Shinshu U.S. pork)

■Source cutlet ju 1,150- yen
■Cutlet curry 1,150- yen

Dining room menu <three kinds of popular ramen>

■Chinese noodles 700 yen - of Showa
■Homemade noodles with roasted pork fillet 900 yen -
■Stamina (miso, salt) ramen 900 yen -

Good dining room of view

You can see Nishitateyama, Higashitateyama from the dining room.

You can sometimes see "rainbow", too

When solar light shines with rain, rainbow may appear♪

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