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Autumn consecutive holidays "Mt. Hasuike & Higashitateyama autumn festival in station" 10/6 - 8

We hold workshop, selling directly to the consumer (two days of seven or eight days) of JA, pleasant event including autumn-limited menu at Shiga Mount Takahara station.

Period: Three days (mountain station business hours: for from 9:00 to 16:30) of October 6.7.8 day

We participate, and workshop determines craft, icing cookies in addition to her barium quite popular last time, too! Anyone can participate.

Contents of every day, application are this → (formally) to Shiga Kogen construction public corporation (formally) HP

In addition, during period, we operate free round-trip shuttle bus to Higashitateyama gondola lift platform. Guide who was very popular with service of from mountain station 10:30 last time in this is company! (road according to guide charges for free, lift charges) sense autumn Shiga Kogen bodily from 2,000m above sea level! For more information: → Those summer "heavens course guide" revives! "Autumn Higashitateyama alpine garden tour" that fields and mountains grass guide of "it is impossible of reservation" leads

It is finished as soon as there is behavior of mushroom juice in Higashitateyama gondola lift mountaintop Station "200 degrees cafe" separately from this from 10:00 a.m., and the first 50 people disappear

Please go out in whole family!




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