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The canned  gondola renewal commemorative game badge end!

Continue being loved by all of you; and 40 years. Higashitateyama gondola lift, also known as "tama gondola" becomes character at last and appears!

Let's get canned commemorative "tamachan badge" which clears game, and is eight kinds in total! Can badge was finished on ← March 20.

In addition, challenge card hope hands challenge card as we can push only stamp sequentially if you can tell at ticket window saying "I want challenge card". It is pleasant to gather as pattern of stamp is eight kinds. Please come to memory.


Can badge photograph 2Can badge photograph

He/she rushed to okomimmo support♪

Higashitateyama okomin support (1)Higashitateyama okomin support (3)Higashitateyama okomin support (2)Higashitateyama okomin support (4)



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