Shiga Kogen resort development reference

The head office
7149, Hirao, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano
Shiga Kogen resort development general affairs department Customer Relations
TEL. 0269-34-2301 FAX. 0269-34-3188
Hozaka establishment (Sun Valley skiing area)
TEL. 0269-34-2255
Maruike establishment (Maruike skiing area)
TEL. 0269-34-2147
Hasuike establishment (Hasuike skiing area)
TEL. 0269-34-2264
Shiga Kogen gateway station establishment (Shiga Kogen ropeway / restaurant, stand and others)
TEL. 0269-34-2621
Giant establishment (giant skiing area, Hoppo Bunadaira skiing area)
TEL. 0269-34-2524
Nishitateyama establishment (Nishitateyama skiing area)
TEL. 0269-34-2265
Takamagahara establishment (Takamagahara mammoth skiing area)
TEL. 0269-34-2041
Family establishment (Ichinose family skiing area, Tannenomoriokojyo skiing area)
TEL. 0269-34-2241
Diamond establishment (Ichinose diamond skiing area, Yamanokami skiing area)
TEL. 0269-34-2556
Mt. Yokote drive-in (restaurant, stand and others)
TEL. 0269-34-2338
Emerald Onuma (Oonumaike shore rest house)
TEL. 0269-34-2301
Museum crystal terrace (Thursday fixed closing day)
TEL. 0269-33-8822

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