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Dishes of native district meal ground bamboo

Meal (in May before crop, in the case of sellout, there is in June)-limited during offer period

We provide at Mt. Yokote drive-in.

When neighboring people become Shiga Kogen from late May through mid-June, we enter mountain in Shiga Kogen and harvest ground bamboo. Of course it is climbing a mountain after we have permission as owner of land is broken on mountain. Departure from soredehaiza! ■ Bamboo shoot collecting is quite great! As we look for bamboo shoot in clump of bamboo, it is natural, but cannot readily find when not used. We push clump of bamboo which it is hard to walk aside and climb slope of mountain and withdraw and it is sweaty and harvests. As we look only at the ground, it is attention to accident and bear. Extract takenoko_01 ■At last bamboo shoot which was produced! Size and the softness are various in difference or the growth situation of the soil. We greatly influence at skill of person to take whether a lot of good bamboo shoots are produced, and there is on day when we can hardly harvest beginners on foot on foot in mountain. . .   ■We cook immediately and start. The freshness is important! At first it is started by changing screens of one! We bark by 1 shall be none the worse for it manual labor while being careful to compromise, and not to injure. ”甍‚«ƒ}ƒjƒ…ƒAƒ‹2   ■At last changing screens is finished! However, we cut the people let alone ... root and knob as there is hard part. We carried heavy baggage on our back with much effort and harvested from mountain. . . We can eat only soft part!   ■Therefore it is valuable and is high-quality! Part to pull hard part, and to be able to finally use for cooking is left. Half or less of quantity that we adopted from mountain! It becomes this. Ground bamboo of valuable ingredients which even local people cannot readily eat as they will depend all on hand of person from collection to changing screens. There is person of house to pack in bottle here through one year to be able to eat. We put in the miso soup and cook with rice, and in late years there is tempura to bamboo shoot curry how. Chopsticks do not stop in unique crunchy texture in mouth...It is bamboo shoot which such a local people love. ■Bamboo shoot juice (canned bamboo shoot + mackerel + Shinshu miso)Ground bamboo set meal ground bamboo set meal 1,100 yen (photograph: Yokote mountain drive-in) which photograph is this district, and is the most popular  

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