• Do you not spend Higashitateyama alpine garden holiday on 2,000m above sea level cloud on cloud? Superb view from observation deck is panoramic view of 180 degrees!
  • Vast panoramic Yokote mountains of Alpine observation deck Shinshu drive-in from 100 selections of sunset point 2,170m above sea level
  • It is surrounded by comfortable wind and light, and we are lifted in Maeyama summer to Oonumaike of trekking emerald green
  • We change heavens course gondola lift, and let's enjoy Higashitateyama
  • Shiga Mount Takahara station live camera (Hasuike)
  • The summer lift service situation
  • We check the time of Shiga Kogen-related bus
  • Jurisdiction road Administration Office offer road weather information of the around Shiga Kogen jurisdiction
  • Weather of Shiga-kogen, Nagano

Recommended spot

  • Mt. Yokote drive-in
  • Higashitateyama alpine garden
  • Maeyama summer lift and visiting ponds course
  • Shiga Kogen resort area local video
  • Heavens festival
  • Photoalbum of Shiga Kogen season

Shiga Kogen resort recommended video

We see Oonumaike from Higashitateyama! Highlight Oonumaike of "visiting ponds course." In fact, we can see from the Higashitateyama mountaintop.
In addition, from course reaching 48 ponds via Terakoya mountain, red Ishiyama, chumigieimonshindo from the mountaintop, we can expect Oonumaike many times.

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