• Higashitateyama skiing area
  • Ichinose diamond skiing area kids park
  • We see Shiga mountainous district surface in Higashitateyama ski from halfway up a mountain
  • View from the Sun Valley skiing area mountaintop
  • Mountain station live camera (Hasuike)
  • The summer lift service situation
  • We check the time of bus
  • Jurisdiction road Administration Office offer road weather information
  • Weather of the neighborhood of Higashitateyama mountaintop
  • Weather of Shiga Kogen

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  • Shiga Mount Takahara station and dining room of mountain
  • Shiga Kogen Oonumaike and visiting ponds course
  • Shiga Kogen resort area local video
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  • Mr. Yokota successful applicant Facebook
  • Seasonal photoalbum

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